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2012-09-18  Dangerous Horns  
2012-08-10  Retiring Farmer  
2012-07-25  I Want To Be A Cowboy  
2012-07-20  Puddle Crossing  
2012-07-10  Mad Cow Disease  
2012-07-08  Talking Cow  
2012-07-05  Counting Chickens  
2012-07-03  Finding The Farmer  
2012-06-30  Sorting Potatoes  
2012-06-28  A Pig In Time  
2012-06-26  Strawberry Fertilizer  
2012-06-23  Millionaire Farmer  
2012-03-09  An Outstanding Award  
2012-02-26  A Ripe Moment  
2011-12-17  Contented Cows  
2011-11-20  Is That Bull Safe?  
2011-11-04  No Time for a Drink  
2011-11-02  The Dangers in Watermelon Farming  
2011-07-11  Saddle Up  
2011-05-23  Pacing The Distance  
2011-05-10  Dream Farm  
2011-04-13  Peaty Payment  
2011-04-05  Early To Rise  
2011-01-16  Racing Recommentation